Slow down, Bullock!

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Bullock Ditches Montana to Defeat Trump!

Newton Daily News

Bullock certainly made it known he wanted Trump to be a “one-term president.” -05/20/2019

KXLH: Security accompanies Bullock to Iowa - and everywhere

“When Gov. Steve Bullock hits the campaign trail as a presidential candidate, his security detail ... comes along, too - at taxpayer expense.”

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Tell Bullock to Pay Back Montana Taxpayers!

Stop Wasting Our Tax Dollars!

“Bullock’s campaign did not respond to a message asking if it would reimburse the costs for the troopers to travel with the governor.” -Helena IR, 05/27/2019

The NEW Obama!

Newton Daily News

“Bullock ... a Democrat more closely related to former President Barack Obama as opposed to being a moderate.” -05/20/2019

Facebook Townhall

“He’s in a somewhat similar place as Barack Obama.” -05/17/2019

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